How Does Ceramic Flowerpot Grow Flower Breathe Freely

Due to the improvement of the quality of life, flower cultivation is the most popular among people at present, and the use of flower POTS is particularly key. Ceramic flower POTS stand out because of their variety of styles and high appreciation, and become the first choice for people to grow flowers. Then how can ceramic flower POTS be breathable? How does ceramic flowerpot breathe well? Let's take a look.

1. How can growing flowers in ceramic POTS breathe
Ceramic flowerpot because of its beautiful appearance many people like to use it to grow flowers, but because it breathable permeability effect is poor often use its flower, need to choose the size of chestnut stone, it will be covered with the bottom, and then spread a layer of plastic gauze on the stone. Then lay a layer of coarse sand on top, which can improve the ability of air permeability and water permeability.

2. How to do if the ceramic flowerpot is not well ventilated
When we use ceramic POTS and glazed POTS to grow flowers, we choose some soil with strong permeability, such as leaf mould, garden soil, perlite, vermiculite, so that the soil is loose, breathable and not stiff. This will make the ceramic pot more breathable.

3. How to transform the impermeable ceramic flowerpot
It is well known to flower growers that ceramic POTS are impermeable. And to change this can only be changed from its soil, first put a layer of chestnut-sized stones at the bottom of the ceramic pot, the purpose of the stone is to make a drainage layer, so do not put too close. Then, spread a layer of hay or dried leaves on the stones, and then spread a layer of coarse sand 2cm thick. After the waterproof layer of basin bottom is done, a drainage layer should also be made all around basin wall. With cardboard shell surrounded into a tube, the inner diameter of the paper tube than the inner diameter of the porcelain basin about 1cm smaller. After the paper tube is finished, put it vertically in the porcelain basin. The paper tube is filled with cultivation soil, and the coarse sand is placed between the paper tube and the basin wall. Slowly pull the tube out and use your hands or tools to compress the soil. The ceramic flowerpot treated with this method has a very good permeability, and it is no longer necessary to spend time at the bottom of the ceramic flowerpot, but also easy to crack, and in terms of doing than the clay basin, pottery basin is more convenient, not easy to pollute the environment.

Post time: Apr-19-2022


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