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  • Choice Of Flower POTS For Your Family.

    1. Size of the pot Potted flowers should be based on the plant form size of flowers, the extent of plants and root system of the number, depth, choose appropriate flowerpot. There are generally three options available. (1) The diameter of the pot mouth should be roughly ...
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  • How Does Ceramic Flowerpot Grow Flower Breathe Freely

    Due to the improvement of the quality of life, flower cultivation is the most popular among people at present, and the use of flower POTS is particularly key. Ceramic flower POTS stand out because of their variety of styles and high appreciation, and become the first cho...
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  • Ceramic flowerpot is suitable for what occasions?

    As we all know, flowerpots are widely used in life. Ceramic flowerpots are environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant, so they are very popular in the market, so where can we use flowerpots? 1. Balcony and roof garden As a greening form that does not occupy ground ...
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  • Did you choose the right flowerpot?

    I believe that many friends who like to grow flowers will be entangled in how to choose a suitable pot to make their beloved flowers grow healthily. Below we have sorted out common flower pot pots, and will show you the different characteristics of flower pots of differe...
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