Choice Of Flower POTS For Your Family.

1. Size of the pot
Potted flowers should be based on the plant form size of flowers, the extent of plants and root system of the number, depth, choose appropriate flowerpot. There are generally three options available.
(1) The diameter of the pot mouth should be roughly equal to the crown diameter of the branches and leaves of the flower seedlings (the branches and leaves of the flower seedlings are viewed as a circle from the top, and its diameter is the crown diameter of the flower seedlings), so that the growth of the root of the flower seedlings will have some room. When growing azalea, its crown diameter can be 1-2 times larger than the pot due to its thin roots.
(2) If the root of the flower seedlings is covered with mud, the mud should keep a gap of about 3 cm around the pot after being put into the pot, so that new soil can be added and the root system can grow.
(3) If the obtained flowers and trees do not have mud, the size of the flower pot should be determined according to the comfort degree of the extension of the roots of the flowers and trees into the pot. If the taproot and root are too long, you can make appropriate pruning, and then plant in the basin.

2. The configuration of flowerpots and flowers
The shape and color of the pot should be in harmony with the flowers, which can not only promote the growth of the flowers, but also reflect a kind of overall beauty. Purple arenaceous basin, glaze basin waits for the style various, have chrysanthemum form commonly, wintersweet form, hexagonal form, circle, quadrate, signature tube form, and all sorts of long, waist circle wait for shallow basin. According to the various shapes of flowerpots, we should master the principle of selecting POTS or planting flowers according to POTS. If common Milan, jasmine, Chinese rose, pomegranate, their branches grow leaves, most is expandable and show a rounded shape, this kind of flowers are planted in the flowerpot of chrysanthemum form more appropriate. Some cliff or half cliff shaped stump, also can be planted in the chrysanthemum basin, but in the bucket basin is more suitable, more beautiful to appreciate. Square and circular shallow basin, unfavorable at planting milan, jasmine, Chinese rose, pomegranate the flowers that grow faster, can plant a few jungle type, inclined stem type or double stem bonsai of tree stump, highlighted the posture beauty of crooked branch of tree stump not only so, and still reflected integral beauty from the match of flower and basin. In addition, the color of the basin and flowers should be coordinated. Generally speaking, the flowers with lighter color of branches and leaves, appropriate matches brunet flowerpot; And brunet flowers, appropriate matches the flowerpot with lighter color. Such a contrast of depth, more appreciation value.

Post time: Apr-19-2022


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