Ceramic flowerpot is suitable for what occasions?

As we all know, flowerpots are widely used in life. Ceramic flowerpots are environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant, so they are very popular in the market, so where can we use flowerpots?
1. Balcony and roof garden
As a greening form that does not occupy ground land, the greening of balconies and roof gardens is more and more widely used. Its value is not only to add greenness to the city, but also to reduce the radiant heat of the roof of building materials and reduce the urban heat island effect. Considering the limitations of temperature and humidity conditions and load-bearing capacity of the two, in the selection of plants, the use of deep-rooted or fast-growing tall trees should generally be avoided. Usually, some potted flowers, large potted plants can be arranged, or masonry planting troughs can be used to plant flowers, commonly used potted vines and creeping plants.
2.Door front and stairs
Generally, large evergreen woody potted plants are often placed symmetrically on both sides in front of the door, such as palm, palm, cycad, palm bamboo, tulipwood, big-leaf boxwood, African jasmine, etc.; Place some small potted flowers that are one or two years old, but they should be safe and not easy to fall. The colors of the potted flowers should be distinct and contrasting. Commonly used annual flowers such as cockscomb, aster, marigold, malachite, zinnia, coleus, Kochia, petunia, etc.

3. Squares and streets
Tall potted woody plants are neatly arranged around the square or at the front of the building, preferably evergreen plants with upright shapes. For example, some potted plants for viewing flowers are also arranged in small and neat groups or in strips. appropriate. It can be placed around a big tree or lamp post, or beside a road, or clustered to form a "flower bed", which has the effect of dense, neat and distinct colors.

Post time: Apr-06-2022


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