Did you choose the right flowerpot?

I believe that many friends who like to grow flowers will be entangled in how to choose a suitable pot to make their beloved flowers grow healthily. Below we have sorted out common flower pot pots, and will show you the different characteristics of flower pots of different materials.
Ceramic glazed basin: beautifully made, firm and solid. However, it has poor drainage and ventilation, and is suitable for large plants or moisture-tolerant flowers.
High and deep pots: It is conducive to soil water storage and the creation of a micro-environment in the pot. When the upper part of the soil is relatively dry, the lower part of the soil will emit water vapor to the top to stimulate the downward growth of plant roots. Suitable for deep-rooted and well-rooted green plants, such as gardenia, lily, peony, etc.
Dwarf and shallow pot: the pot soil is less, the soil thickness is thin, the oxygen supply to the roots is sufficient, and the pot soil is easy to dry out after watering. It is suitable for green plants with weak roots and shallow roots and those who like ventilation. For example: Chlorophytum, petunia, beauty cherry, dianthus, etc. and most succulents.
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Post time: Apr-06-2022


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