Chinese ceramic flowerpots have a long history

The ancient Chinese porcelain industry entered a more prosperous stage in the Song, Liao and Jin dynasties. Kiln sites all over the country, there is no so-called firing center, the country has eight kiln system (the Yangtze River Valley longquan kiln system, jian kiln system, qingbai porcelain kiln system, yue kiln system; In the Yellow River basin, there are yaozhou kiln system, Cizhou kiln system, Ding kiln system, Jun kiln system, and five famous kilns (Jun, Ru, guan, Ge, ding). Porcelain firing is everywhere.

Glaze color variety aspects: celadon, white porcelain continues to burn, painted porcelain after long exploration, get rid of the influence of green glaze, succeeded in fire for white, transparent glaze, white-floored black porcelain, represents the ancient Chinese porcelain making technology leap, once again for the emergence of blue and white porcelain of yuan dynasty, youligong painted porcelain have laid a solid technical foundation.
Decoration technology: in the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, based on the beauty of glaze, and fully display the artistic charm of tire decoration and color decoration. Carving, scratching, printing, plastering, painting and other decorative techniques are colorful, in porcelain decoration appeared "a hundred flowers bloom" prosperous scene.

Official kilns also appeared in this period: although the site of official kilns in the Northern Song Dynasty has not been found, the site of official kilns in the Southern Song Dynasty has been scientifically excavated, and the kiln structure, glaze and modeling characteristics of porcelain are very clear, becoming the earliest example of official kilns in ancient China.
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Post time: Apr-06-2022


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